Magellan Gps Review
Magellan Gps Review

Quick Review of Popular GPS Models

Today everyone requires a good GPS system to be installed in their cars. It is one of the most useful car accessories and the GPS market is flooded with different brands. Here’s a small checklist on how to make your pick from the available brands.

  1. The mapping system should be given the first consideration – Check if the unit is able to completely cover your area.

  2. Software and support structure – Your GPS unit needs to update regularly.

  3. Check for the USB cables that come along with the system

  4. Battery life needs to be carefully evaluated before the purchase

There are many competitive GPS systems, of which Garmin GPS and Magellan GPS are famous brand names. The most impressive of the lot is the Garmin Nuvi series. TomTom is also a good brand that is currently selling out in large. It is one of the cheaper brands and a good bet for an economical purchase. Another way to select a right model for personal use is to check online GPS reviews. They give ample information on technical aspects and pricing details. Here’s a quick comparison of the technical aspects for Garmin and Magellan models.

Garmin Nuvi

  1. Receiver – 12 channels; SBAS – WAAS and EGNOS

  2. Software – Garmin City Navigator

  3. Maps – North America

  4. Accuracy –Position – 10 m ¦ Velocity – 0.5 m/sec ¦ Position – 5 m ( with WAAS ) ¦ Velocity – 0.05 m/sec ( with WAAS)

  5. Connectivity – Through USB

  6. Other important features – External GPS antenna connection, hands-free calling via Bluetooth, built-in microphone, built-in speaker, alarm, calculator, games, clock, 2D / 3D map perspective, Garmin Lock, custom POIs, preinstalled POIs


  1. Software – NAVTEQ ON BOARD

  2. Maps – Canada, USA, Puerto Rico

  3. Connectivity – Hi-Speed USB

  4. GPS Functions – Distance, ETA

  5. Additional features – 2D / 3D map perspective, preinstalled POI’s

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