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Amazon Online Shopping FAQ

About the online website amazon?
i was just wondering if amazon is a trust worthy website to buy of and if so then can someone inform me how to buy please.thankyou In my experience, the website itself is trustable but the marketplace is not. I’d say try to buy from the chief website as much as possible. Amazon is the…

About to buy a memory card for psp on is it a flawless perception?
is amazon a good website to buy this stuff? my first option was buying it at target, but its waaayyyy more cheaper on i would soooooooo go next to target it may be more expensive but at least ur memory card wont crash on…

About to go and get some speakers from amazon?
I’m about to buy this speakers: and i was wondering if it’s new or used near all the rebates and all.. The association you sent would be for a new set. They have a pretty obvious notation when you are looking at their “used” merchandise. I’ll include the relationship to…

Account on Hold: Response Required ( Amazon )?
I ordered Some Computer components by amazon ,, which is my first time to buy from amazon and i received the confirmation email while i was waiting for my order to pass the process and catch shipped i received another email from : address-verification(a) which says : Greetings from Unfortunately, we…

Account on Hold: Response Required? – Amazon?
I got this message a couple hours after I ordered 1800 dollars worth of stuff on amazon (I know I’m a retard): “Unfortunately, we are currently unable to process your pending order(s), including charge. To avoid cancellation of your order(s), we request that you fax us a copy of the billing statement associated…

Add Amazon store into google personal ad words. ?
I’ve built an Amazon store and I wand ad it into google ad words. How can I do that? if you have already report in Google you can access to this link : for Google Ad word, make sure you read adjectives instructions because you are new in…

Adobe Photoshop CS3 Extended/
I know this is a legit site, but if the software is used, will I still be able to use the product number they provide along with the software? I don’t want to buy something I can’t use on my laptop. Beginning with the CS3 suite applications, adjectives of Adobe’s programs now require program activation by…

Adopting a lilac-crowned Amazon impersonator tomorrow….?
I’ve always had birds as pets ranging from budgies to cockatiels, and this will be my first immense parrot. I currently have no other birds and the only other pets I enjoy are 3 rats who will live in another room. I’ve done a ton of research on Amazons, there personality, the time and…

Adsense AND Amazon on impossible to tell apart page at alike time?
Adsense AND Amazon on the same page at the same time? yes, you can use another advertiser with Adsense, basically as long as the other providers ads do not look the same as the adsense ads. I’d own to agree, the conversion rate stinks on Amazon. no problems….

Advantages/Disadvantages of eco-tourism over mass commerical tourism within tropical rainforests e.g Amazon?
Thanks:) “> you wouldnt get mass commercial tourism to the parts of the amazon that would attract ECOtourists in the firstplace, because it is a hostile environment for most of us. ECO tourists like the taunt of the natural environment whereas your average vacationer just wants to shop…

Advice for buying on Amazon please =)?
I was thinking about buying an iPod touch from, the thing is, it’s from a personality or another company or something, not amazon themselves. He/she/it has great feedback, and the condition says never opened etc. So I in recent times want some opinions on this, here’s the link to the page. Company’s…

Advice on Blue Fronted Amazon please?
Let me start by saying I have already decided to lift her to my avian vet, but would like other opinions as well. I enjoy had her almost a year and she doesn’t step-up on command. She had a bad wing clip undertaking shortly after I got her. Needless to say we had multiple…

Advice on buying used Video games From Amazon?
Hi guys,I’m getting a Xbox 360 Pro this week,and I’ll be short in cash for games.I need proposal regarding buying used xbox 360 games from Any experiences and advice on how to select a good trader?I’m planning to get games released just last year and 2006.And also I plan to receive…

Advice on selling on amazon?
i’m thinking about selling my college books on but i dont know where to start. any advice? any one next to experience selling there have anything to say? i dont want to back up paying more out of my own pocket than the price of the merchandise and i’m getting really confused by the…

African Gray vs Macaws vs Amazons?
What are the differences between them and reasons to choose one or the other. African Greys are my favorite. Much more beautiful and makes a tasty treat! African grays are probably the smartest, but they are very much one individual birds, females tend to cling to the male in the household and males the…

African grey or Amazon?
I have wanted an amazon for a long time but yesterday my grandpa who breeds greys said that they are much better talkers. When i stir up to his pet greys they ruffle their feathers and bite at me. But his amazon lets me hold him and talks to me unlike the greys. I want a…

African grey, amazon, or cockatoo?
I’ve been looking for a congo african grey for awhile now and have done loads of research through the weeks and be to many aviaries. Through the different bird stores my gf fell in love with a Moluccan and an umbrella cockatoo merely fell in love with me lol while the grey just growled and…

African grey, cockatoo, macaw, amazon?
What parrot is the best hand has the most minuscule amount of bad habits?? I am looking for a cuddly, excellent talker, playful copycat. I am gone to school in the day, so I want one that can hold on to itself busy until i come home. Thanks!1 If you do not have experience near…

African Grey, Quaker or Amazon? What should I return with?
I really want a parrot to teach to talk (really well), tricks and to sit on my shoulder, even when outside and stuff. What mode should I get? I’m 14 and am choosing between an African Grey, Quaker and possibly Amazon. I dont want it to screech like a conure…

After receive your trade-in payment card, how long until you get hold of the contribution card?
I have combed through trying to find the answer to this with NO LUCK. When you trade in a endowment card at you have the option to receive an gift card. I go with that option when I traded…

After someone buys my product on, do I e-mail it directly to him or to
If I mail it directly to him, do I need to put it in a box earlier I mail it? How many stamps does it need? “> Unless Amazon is warehousing and drop shipping on your behalf, next yes you need to ship…

After you brand name a index on amazon (Listmania) is in attendance a swift bearing to belief it again?
Hope this help: From Your Profile, click the Listmania Lists link in the More to Explore slot. Next, click the Edit link to access your lists. Then click “Edit this list” next to the document you want to edit. good luck!…

After you embark on the “Amazon Rewards Card” and consequently close it, can you start it again?
And if so, do you get the discount again? I do this all the time with store cards. I close them, and afterwards open new ones. Don’t open the antiquated one – you won’t get the discount. This essentially, royally messes up your…

After-sale service of amazon’s citizen keep under surveillance?
I’m living in china,and if i buy a citizen watch in a local precinct then i will have a 3-yr native after-sale service.And what i wanna ask is if i buy one citizen keep under surveillance on,which service shall i have? the 1-yr international after-sale service or the 3-yr native one…

Age Limit for Amazon?
Hi. I wanted to order myself something from amazon with my mom’s credit card but the depiction is under my name. Is there an age hold back to order from amazon? 18 i believe Since you are paying with your mother’s card it will not effect your shipment. You will probably put your name down as…

Aggressive Amazon?
Chico, my mealy amazon, came to me in the Spring of 2004, and he hatched sometime contained by August of 2003. For the past few months we have played a horrible game of who’s boss, and initially thought that I don`t know this was him coming into breeding age but I am not too sure. I have suffered…

Aggressive Blue Fronted Amazon?
My husband got this bird from a friend who did’nt want it anymore , they decide they wanted a double act of Arican Greys. He’s 10 yrs old and they never payed much attention to it. It will try to bite every time i stick my hand in the shut within to water or feed it…

Alice compass hanging on amazon?
i recently bought a compass pendant off of amazon, the description didnt speak if it was a real working compass. does anyone know for sure if it is or not a working compass? “> Free $15 amazon gift card contained by

Am I buying from Amazon directly or from someone else?
Amazon, like eBay, has other people who supply their stuff on the website new and used. But with ebay it’s just other individuals selling their stuff. My question is that if I’m going to buy something new from Amazon and I hit the “Add to Shopping Cart” button (without going…

Am I competent to set up an Amazon Account be the stuff I vend is some sort of store credit?
Meaning will that my account will have a balance for the stuff i Sell I mull over to do what you are wanting to do you will have to use Paypal.

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Antique Compass For Sale

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Vintage Compact Nautical Sundial/Compass

Vintage Compact Nautical Sundial/Compass


(2) Brass Compass Glow in Dark Vintage Antique Old Style Pocket Camping Outdoor

(2) Brass Compass Glow in Dark Vintage Antique Old Style Pocket Camping Outdoor


Vintage J.Green Surveyers compass Rare antique

Vintage J.Green Surveyers compass Rare antique


Solid Brass Vintage WW2 Era Compass 1940's Antique Vintage #976

Solid Brass Vintage WW2 Era Compass 1940′s Antique Vintage #976


Packet 10 x Steampunk Antique Bronze Tibetan 29mm Compass Charm/Pendant ZX02160

Packet 10 x Steampunk Antique Bronze Tibetan 29mm Compass Charm/Pendant ZX02160


Bronze Alidade Sundial Compass 4.6

Bronze Alidade Sundial Compass 4.6″ – Bronze Desk Compasses – Nautical Decor Ho


Antique Authentic WWI Era WORKING COMPASS PENDANT Gold Plated

Antique Authentic WWI Era WORKING COMPASS PENDANT Gold Plated


5 Inch Perfectly Calibrated Large Sundial Compass Rosewood Case Top Grade. C-30

5 Inch Perfectly Calibrated Large Sundial Compass Rosewood Case Top Grade. C-30








4 Sundial Compass - Solid Brass Sun Dial

4 Sundial Compass – Solid Brass Sun Dial


This stunning 4″ sundial compass is fully functional. The legs are completely adjustable for any surface. Pioneers would set the compass to the North, then use the hinged sundial to adjust the angle given the season and be able to give very accurate time.This fully engraved piece is made to last a lifetime. The diameter of the sundial is about 4″ across.It will make a great addition to any nautica…

Meridian Nauticals vintage nauticical antique compass pocket compass stempunk maritime fully working brass compass with pure leather case

Meridian Nauticals vintage nauticical antique compass pocket compass stempunk maritime fully working brass compass with pure leather case


2″ Robert forest poem compass it is made of solid brass shiny brass finish, along with pure leather case .it is fully working compass , easy to see the north . it is ease to carry , you can hand in your belt or pocket fully functional compass, great item for gift….

Antique-Style-Ships Pocket-Monocular-Brass Telescope-with-Leather-Box. C-3232

Antique-Style-Ships Pocket-Monocular-Brass Telescope-with-Leather-Box. C-3232


Antique Style Ships Brass Pocket Monocular / Telescope with Leather Case, Solid Brass Pocket Monocular with Leather Case Size:11cm X 7cm Antique Reproduction Made of Solid Brass In working order can be use for basic observation….

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