Compare Sat Navs
Compare Sat Navs
Sat Nav – Navman F20 or Garmin 310D? For {$keyword}

I want a sat nav with traffic updates. i know with the F20 I’d have buy the T1 traffic module but I was wondering if anyone can recommend either of these sat navs? These are the 2 I think would suit me the best. The pric isn’t an issue really just a good sat nav with traffic updates.

The link is to the comparison of the 2 sat navs.

Navman F20 is priced at £149.99 for a reason. It only does UK, it doesn’t come with a CD; meaning it is not update-able. It isn’t as easy to use compared to the TomTom’s and the Garmin’s. The TMC (Traffic) costs £100 more or less. It doesn’t come with any extras, i.e. camera detectors. And little things like, the power cable has to be taken off every time you take the it off the mount, can be fiddly at times. The quick buttons can get confusing, even though they’re there to help you.

Now, Garmin…I’ve always loved their units. And the 310D is a top unit. Small, compact and can easily fit in your pocket! They even give you a stylish leather case to give that executive look. The Garmin 310D comes with Europe on CD, the good thing about that is you can load up the countries you want rather than getting all of Europe and wasting memory space. The mapping on the unit is very understandable, the route is highlighted well and if you ever miss your instruction, you can hit the bottom right and it will repeat it and give you a closer look at the upcoming action. The 310D comes with TMC and camera detectors for free, this won’t cost you anything extra! Though, if you’re going to update the cameras, it’s going to cost you £19.99 (I think!) – but atleast you got the cameras, its a start. TMC is worth £120ish so thats another good saving. The traffic works through FM radio waves so you won’t need to use your phone or any other device like the TomTom…and it’s free. And if you think that’s more than enough…well, you also get a Travel Kit. This is very useful at times, the kit consists of language converters, dictionary, mp3 player, calculator, measurement converter, book player, picture viewer and probably a few more. The unit has a walking mode so it will direct you at a walking pace rather than instruct you about 100m before you get there, and they’ve even given a headphone slot so you can slip it into your pocket and listen to the instructions without anyone knowing you’ve got a satnav!

I can go on about them for ages…they don’t call me a Sat Nav expert for nothing!! But I’m sure I’ve made your mind up…

Note: If you’re going to buy the 310D, don’t fall for the cheaper 310 – it doesn’t come with Europe, speed camera detectors or the traffic info, you’d be better off spending about £40-50 more and getting all the extras.

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