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will Verizon wireless become the carrier of the Iphone 3gs? For {$keyword}

i was wondering because people are saying that it will be available in 2010 to Verizon Wireless customers and then others are saying it is not because verizon turned it down once and from then on they are saying its not and others say it is so i was wondering if y’all knew anything about that and will it have those crappy Verizon apps or will it have the apple app store and ipod and safari not the junk Verizon Wireless has on it like their web and all that v cast crap like the apps that are already on there like the i tv and the other apps that is already on the Iphone 3gs and the compass and the gps system and somebody on wiki answers said that apple and vzw negotiated on it so i was wondering if verizon agreed to keep the app store or apple agreed to take out the app store and to change it with the other vzw junk

I doubt that it will come to verizon, atleast in the next year. There has been lots of expeculations about it. That verizon and apple are in terms of agreement, but neither apple or verizon had said anything about such issue. So the question is still up in the air. I think it will be good for both apple and verizon to come to such agreement and finally have some other carrier offer the iphone. Verizon is the largest cell phone carrier, it will definitely benefit both.

Also i doubt this time verizon will want to take too much control on the iphone, before verizon blocked all other application programs, and wifi. and not just use the VZ navigator for GPS, now you can download goople maps etc. But i think verizon has realized that, and now are changing ways. So if ever the Iphone will be in Verizon lineup sooner or later Verizon wouldn’t add its crappy application nonesense.

Googleマップのルート検索結果をGPSに取り込む方法 For {$keyword}

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