Garmin Gps Review
Garmin Gps Review
Which GPS navigator? What size? Is “Lane Assist” feature a “must have”? Additional fees and renewal costs? For {$keyword}

Could you please recommend a GPS navigation navigator car accessory device that has the best, clearest directions? I rode with a friend who had a TomTom or “Tom Tom” 3.5″ unit. It was satisfactory, except for the times when there were several exit lanes — the TomTom GPS, imho, wasn’t clear enough in pointing out which exit lane to take.

I see that there is a Garmin Nuvi with a “Lane Assist” feature. This unit is relatively expensive, however. If you have this GPS, could you please provide a review? I almost bought a Canadian Tire sale GPS, but was wary because there was a “no refund” policy if the box was opened. I later learned that this brand required a $40 annual renewal fee. That would have been a nasty surprise.

Thank you, everybody.

Also, how does a GPS compare to Google Maps?

what you buy depends on your ability to understand the information presented to you.

Some people have not been paying attention to the instructions and have gotten their cars wreck and them hurt or worse. I know of two people who messed up at the same intersection in a six month period, turning short of the road and ending up on a third rail electrified train track (Metro-North RR Harlem line); fortunately, they got out of their cars before the train hit it.

Garmin GPS Review on Dubai TV For {$keyword}